Thursday, 11 January 2018

BT Infinity Finally!

I have finally received super-fast broadband and it was enabled on Wednesday morning around 10am. I never noticed till a day later when I looked at my MRTG speed graphs and noticed the upload had risen from 1Mbps to 13Mbps!!! The download speed stayed at the usual just below 15Mbps but this is because the MRTG graphing only uses the last valid number when in fact the reading actually goes off-scale. I re-tuned the Download speed graph value to 60Mbps and it looks sensible now.

So my surmising what the AIO pavement spray painting meant ie signifying the installation of a all-in-one FTTC was correct. This post may also give someone whose internet comes from a far away cabinet the comfort that they may eventually get a cabinet closer to their home like in my case , I was originally connected to a cabinet ~1.5km away then moved to a new cabinet that is only 600m away.

Below shows the now stablised modem negotiated speeds , you can see a little step increase in downstream speed about midway on the graph and this may be down to a period of line speed training.

I have also been graphing actual measured download/upload speeds to various servers around the country , chosen at random every fifteen minutes or so. On the graph below you can see a baseline roughly between 30Mbps and 35Mbps for download speed , the upload speed is around 8Mbps most of the time.

I have also noticed the gradual increase in Download speeds , this seems to be done in steps , as seen in the graph I recorded.

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