Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wi-Spy DBx2 USB Repair

Be careful when soldering and wear eye protection. I am not responsible for any omissions or errors on this Blog YMMV.

Broken USB Connector

The USB connector had been ripped off the board ( it wasn't me :) ) so I cleaned and removed the broken lugs from the PCB. I also cleaned the PCB pads left on the USB connector.
Pulled Out Contact
I straightened one of the contacts that had been pulled out of the connector and pushed it back in. I then Fast-Set Epoxied the connector to the PCB and clamped it using a sprung plastic clamp until the glue cured. I then soldered the ground connection and the remaining connections using thin tinned copper wire to bridge the ripped up tracks on the PCB. I finally soldered the corners of the connector to the PCB lug holes to provide extra mechanical strength to the assembly.
Connections Soldered
Proof it Works!
Job Done :).

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