Friday, 27 July 2012

Repair a Faulty D-Link DGS-1024D Gigabit Switch

Always take extreme care when servicing electrical equipment eg HOT Solder,  Soldering Irons, MAINS Voltage and High DC Voltage can all be dangerous or worse. I am NOT responsible for any errors or omissions or for your errors or inability to understand and operate safely in this environment YMMV.

This Switch had flickering Link and Act LED's and no LED self test when first switched on. I took the case apart by removing 4 screws from the top of the case and 3 screws from the bottom front of the case. I found one bulging 1000uF 6.3V capacitor C67. I removed C67 and C68 and tested them with the ESR meter see photos below, both had problems one was open circuit and the other was low in value and high ESR. I replaced them with High Temperature Low ESR Capacitors. After replacement the switch went through a proper self-test with the LED's switching sequentially etc when powered up.
Low Value Capacitor
Open Circuit Capacitor
Replaced Capacitors

It was working fine after this, however the fans also needed replacement as well because one was seized and the other very noisy. I gave it an extended test for a time and it showed no signs of failure so not bad for a quick look inside the case and some soldering.
The bulging capacitor is a common fault in electronic equipment so it pays to examine all electrolytic capacitors on faulty equipment.


  1. Hey Jim - thanks for the writeup. I've got a working model of this that has a noisy fan. What and where did you get for fan replacements?

    1. I found the fans on a couple of old motherboards whose chip-set had fans fitted. They did not fit correctly in the Switch case but at least they moved air over the PCB. Hope this helps.


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