Monday, 7 May 2012

Unbrick Samsung I9000 using Micro USB JIG

I unbricked my Samsung i9000 Galaxy S using a Micro USB Plug and 2 x 100K resistors. It was showing the classic bricked phone to computer with exclamation mark triangle in the middle :(.

From what I've read everyone uses a 301K resistor between the ground and the next closest pin to the ground, but it worked for me with 200K total resistance.
I used the connector from one of those cheap kits that allow you to charge most mobiles and stripped down the Micro USB's shroud (see photo).
I plugged it in making sure the phone was switched off. I then performed the get into download mode (Volume down button Home Button and Power button pressed together) this should then show the yellow download mode. This will allow one to recover the phone.

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