Tuesday, 3 April 2012

OpenWRT and the TP Link WR841N

The WR841N has no USB port on the case but USB is available on the PCB if you can solder and don't mind a bit of work to get it going. I had a problem getting the USB connection I made to the WR841N PCB working. I tried various flavours of patched firmware with no success, however on the OpenWRT Forum someone mentioned just use the TP Link MR3420 firmware. This I did and it worked straight away, smiles all round. I then got extroot to a 2GB memory stick working, this allowed me to add more packages. I added a USB hub to allow the connection of a USB webcam.

File resolv.conf changed on reboot

The file /etc/resolv.conf was being reset and losing the correct nameserver on my Raspberry Pi after a reboot. The unfriendly way of fixing ...